Lolong: World’s Largest Crocodile in Captivity is Dead

Lolong-is-Dead-jpgLolong, Philippines’ Guinness record holder for the “World’s Largest Crocodile in Captivity, is dead.

The world’s largest crocodile in captivity is confirmed dead. According to reports, Lolong died at around 8pm on Sunday local time. There are no concrete details yet if what have caused Lolong’s death. But in a short statement of Dr. Alexander Collantes, animal doctor at Davao Crocodile park, he said “the croc did not eat his usual meal on late last month. Experts will still investigate the cause of death but the animal’s left stomach ballooned.”

Lolong was named after Ernesto “Lolong” Goloran Cañete, one of the veteran crocodile hunters from the Palawan Crocodile and Wildlife Reservation Center who led the hunt last year. He died of a heart attack a few days before the crocodile was snared and captured.

The 50-year-old male crocodile captured in a Bunawan, Agusan del Sur province in the Philippines measured 6.2 meters (20 feet and 3 inches).

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