Chinese New Year 2013 Predictions – Year of the Snake

Chinese-New-Year-2013As China bids farewell to the ‘Year of the Dragon,’ people look ahead to what the ‘Year of the Snake’ may bring, and prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year 2013.

Chinese New Year will be celebrated on Sunday, February 10, 2013. If you have a strong belief in Chinese predictions, luck and sayings… you better check what the ‘Year of the Snake’ has for you!

The Snake

  • Although 2013 belongs to this zodiac sign, things won’t look rosy at first for Snakes
  • It’s a slow start for the first half of 2013 but things will start to pick up come September
  • Your luck will rapidly improve during the last quarter of 2013

The Rat

  • Rats can expect an exceptional year ahead
  • They will enjoy success in their careers and investments
  • It’s also a good year romantically
  • Single Rats are advised to find a partner
  • For Rats in relationships, 2013 is a good year to get married

The Ox

  • The Year of the Water Snake will be a very productive year for the Ox
  • It’s “collection time” when you’ll finally reap the rewards of previous labors

The Tiger

  • Tigers should be more frugal and controlled this 2013
  • Hold on to your money
  • You can borrow from others but refrain from lending your money out
  • Be sure of who you’re dealing with and think transactions through
  • Avoid confrontations and arguments

The Rabbit

  • Rabbits will experience big “leaps of faith” this year and will go through great transformations
  • Expect strong financial gains and a promotion in your career

The Dragon

  • Dragons will experience a rewarding 2013
  • It’s a good time to expand your businesses and take on more opportunities and challenges
  • This year will be more productive than 2012
  • You can also look forward to improved financial stability

The Horse

  • A positive thing about 2013 for Horses is that you will be financially stable
  • However, you may experience problems with personal relationships
  • Watch out for emotional entanglements. There will be plenty this year.

The Goat

  • The Goat is the blessed sign for 2013
  • You can look forward to success in your career which may take the form of awards or promotions
  • You’ll be very busy and productive which is why Goats are advised to take a breather every once in a while to avoid “burn out”

The Monkey

  • For Monkeys with businesses, it’s time to expand
  • Go for the gold and take on more challenges
  • It’s also a good year to get married and even travel because these are forms of expansion

The Rooster

  • Roosters must use this year to recover and get back on track financially, emotionally, and physically
  • They can count on friends and relatives to help them. Lucky stars will also guide them along the way.

The Dog

  • Dogs can expect a more fast-paced life this year because of more offers, opportunities, and work that will come in
  • Their pursuit of these new endeavors will be rewarded by positive results
  • Dogs can also look forward to strong financial stability

The Pig

  • Although the Pig is the opposite of the Snake, it’s not the end of the world for people with this sign
  • Pigs are advised to be health-conscious this year and to refrain from attending wakes to avoid the negative energy
  • This is also the best time for Pigs to save money and think through their financial decisions

Source: Rappler, Telegraph, photo:

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