Valentine’s Day on a Dime


You shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to prove your love on Valentine’s Day. With a day traditionally known for red roses, chocolate heart candies and Hallmark cards, switch it up this year and make your own Valentine’s Day treats and gifts for a fraction of the price.

Love Coupons

You can find a love booklet at the store for $15 or more, but with a few simple supplies and creativity you can make your own for $5 or less. Ed Young, a relationship expert and pastor in Texas knows the importance of showing your appreciation to loved one. In his blog posts and published books, Pastor Young emphasizes the importance of keeping romance in your relationship. He recommends leaving love notes throughout the house to simply say “I Love You.”

Using scrapbook paper or any other kind of thick, patterned paper, write your messages or small favors using markers, rub-ons sayings or alphabet stickers. You can embellish the coupons with buttons, stickers, picture of the two of you: anything you want to personalize with. Place them inside an envelope and watch their reaction while reading!

Heart Bracelet

This amazing and one-of-a-kind bracelet will make anyone feel like a million bucks. With its simplistic and shabby-chic look, you’ll want to make an extra one for you too. Idea courtesy of I Spy DIY blog.


  • 16 gauge half round, half hard 14/20 gold filled wire, 5 feet
  • Jewelry pliers, round and flat
  • Cup

Directions: Starting with one end of the wire, make two rounded humps by wrapping the wire around the thickest part of the round nose pliers. Squeeze the valley in between with flat nose pliers to create a heart shape. Cross the short end of the wire across the longer side then wrap the shorter wire around the longer side two times and cut off the excess. Next, wrap the wire around a cup to create the rounded part, making sure it fits the size of you or your friend’s wrist. To create the hook, bend the other end of the wire so it’s doubled up at least an inch. Bend again, this time half an inch down to create the hook. Wrap the excess wire around the base of the bracelet three times and trim off the excess.

Valentine’s Day Cookie Jar

It’s no mystery that canning or Mason jars are used just about everywhere right now. They’re versatile, cute and make a great addition to any project. You can use these jars as light fixtures, wine glasses, flower vases and cookie jars. The uses are seemingly endless and make the perfect Valentine’s gift since, after February, it can be reused in a variety of ways. To make the jar, simply glue a heart-shaped lace doily to one side of the jar and wrap a tag that says “Made With Love” with some red bakers twine around the lip of the jar. Then fill with some homemade (or store bought) cookies.

I was ‘Soapin’ You’d Be My Valentine

A quick and very inexpensive gift is some soap! You can go to your local dollar store, where you can find Softsoap, the good stuff. This time of year they have “Cherry Blossom” but any soap will do. Print out this “I was ‘soapin’ you’d be my Valentine” tag and attach the tag to the bottle using twine, ribbon or some bakers twine.

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