The Bachelor’s Risky Business

Hunky Sean Lowe should have better insight than most as he evaluates the 26 women seeking to end his tenure as The Bachelor. You see, Lowe is a Dallas insurance agent, trained to measure risk before undertaking – or underwriting – ventures. But since his heart could be overriding his head as he muddles his way through season 148 of the ABC hit, we’ll add our own expertise in the risk-assessment game to judge the options as the season began.

Here are our top 5 picks for this season’s Riskiest Bachelorettes:

5. The Crazy Gymnast

Robyn terrified Sean and producers when she almost ate pavement during the season premiere, and that should be enough to trigger multiple alarms on any insurance agent’s risk radar. Her daring attempt at a backflip in an evening gown wasn’t her only offense; she later shocked fans by boldly confronting Sean about his “type.”

4. The Wedding Bride

Lindsay certainly made an impression when during the season premiere when she arrived in a lavish wedding dress, hastily planted a kiss on Sean’s shocked lips and then immediately directed his attention to the size of her (large) balls. While her eccentric behavior has cooled off a little since Episode 1, her “prankster” and “goofball” sides still make her a risky pick for her would-be groom. At the very least, this wannabe bride certainly calls for a lengthy prenup.

3. The Daredevil

Yes, we picked Sarah, the girl with only one arm, but purely from a risk-assessment perspective: With each missing arm, the odds drop drastically that a contender will be able to effectively spot Sean while he’s lifting weights to keep those biceps bulging.  Plus, she joined him in jumping off the top of a 35-story building during her one-on-one date. While courage can be an attractive trait in a life partner, Sarah’s high-risk boldness and YOLO attitude make insurance experts cringe.

2. The Tornado

Amanda, according to the rest of the girls, is a “tornado of negative energy” and a dangerous choice for Sean. Based on the previews of what’s to come, this bachelorette is a high risk for cat fights, drama and other bad behavior. Someone ought to tell our handsome hero that this lively lady is a likely liability, and with all those competitors around for Sean’s eye, someone probably will.

1.     The Vicious Kitty

After receiving the very first rose of the season, Tierra’s claws came out. She’s already proven to be one of the most aggressive contenders on the show, and Tierra better have nine lives if she and the other contestants keep fighting like cats and dogs. Based on sneak peeks of catfights, outrageous secrets and an ambulance visit, this contestant easily tops our list for Most Dangerous Bachelorette this season. Any rational insurance agent would run for the hills after witnessing the destruction wrought by this feline’s cat scratch fever.

Honorable mention: The Stalker

Kacie exhibited strong stalker potential by picking up stakes from Tennessee and heading to California to be part of this season after learning Sean was the prize. Sure she seems sweet now, but imagine what will happen if she gets sent home. In her favor: She managed the always-tough escape from the friend zone. Working against her: Escapees from the friend zone might as well have Javert tracking them through the underbelly of Paris; they almost never get away clean.

Sean still has time to show his good judgment and run screaming wildly from a risky romance – and really, aren’t all of these made-for-television romances risky? But that could require him to start thinking with his brain instead of his, uh, heart.

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