Miss Universe 2012 Winners, Final Results, Live Updates and Video

Miss Universe 2012, Miss Philippines and Miss USA

Miss Universe 2012, Miss Philippines and Miss USA

Who are the winners of Miss Universe 2012? The Results are here, please scroll down!

The Miss Universe 2012 Grand Coronation will happen tonight, December 19, 2012, live from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas! 89 beautiful contestants from all over the world will compete in this year’s pageant to be named the queen.

So please stay tune and join us for the live results! If you want a better look; you can Watch it Online on this link.

Live Update Starts Here! Please refresh your page for updates! Videos will be posted in a while.

Here’s the Final Results:

The Top 16 Semi-Finalists:

1. Miss Venezuela
2. Miss Turkey
3. Miss France
4. Miss Peru
5. Miss Russia
6. Miss Mexico
7. Miss Poland
8. Miss Hungary
9. Miss South Africa
10. Miss Philippines
11. Miss Croatia
12. Miss Brazil
13. Miss Kosovo
14. Miss Australia
15. Miss India
16. Miss USA

The Top 10 Semi-Finalists:

1. Miss Australia
2. Miss Russia
3. Miss Brazil
4. Miss France
5. Miss Venezuela
6. Miss USA
7. Miss Hungary
8. Miss South Africa
9. Miss Mexico
10. Miss Philippines

TOP 5 Finalist!

  1. Miss Venezuela
  2. Miss Philippines
  3. Miss Australia
  4. Miss USA
  5. Miss Brazil

Miss Universe 2012 Winner: Miss USA

1st Runner-up : Miss Philippines

2nd Runner-up : Miss Venezuela

3rd Runner-up : Miss Australia

4th Runner-up : Miss Brazil

National Costume: Miss China

Miss Photogenic: Miss Kosovo

Miss Congeniality: Miss Guatemala

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