Millipede With 750 Legs Discovered, World’s Leggiest Animal!

Scientists have discovered the leggiest ‘Millipede’ on the planet with a bizarre number of 750 wiggling limbs!

Millipede with 750 Legs, CREDIT: Paul Marek via

Millipede with 750 Legs, CREDIT: Paul Marek via

The white millipede lllacme plenipes is already the leggiest creature on earth, but the latest found has set the record. Discovered in a small area of Northern California by Paul Marek, a postdoctoral entomologist at the University of Arizona, the tiny creature measures 0.4-1.2 inches or 1-3 centimeters long.

“It basically looks like a thread,” Marek  told LiveScience. “It has an uninteresting outward appearance, but when we looked at it with SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) and compound microscopes, we found a huge, amazingly complex anatomy,” he added.

See Photos this Bizarre Millipede. In case you haven’t seen a live white Millipede, with 662 legs, see the video below!

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