Men In Black 3 Rules Weekend, Madonna Sings Gaga, Justin Bieber Under Investigation

All in today’s Headline: Men In Black 3 Rules Weekend, Madonna Sings Gaga, Justin Bieber Under Investigation

“MIB 3″ Rules Holiday Weekend, Madonna Sings Gaga Published via

“Men in Black 3″ took in another 15 million dollars in North America on Monday (May 29), pushing its holiday weekend haul to 70 million dollars. That put it at the top of the box office, taking “The Avengers” down to number 2, with 46.9 million dollars.

Call it a diss or a tribute – either way footage has been leaked of Madonna performing a mash-up of her song “Express Yourself” and Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” during a rehearsal for her world tour. Madonna has publicly commented on the similarities between the two songs before, first calling it “interesting” then referring to it as “reductive.” In the footage, Madonna moves seamlessly between the two, then transitions into her song, “She’s Not Me.”

Justin Bieber is being investigated for an altercation between him and a photographer. A photog issued a complaint that Bieber “physically battered” him. Witnesses say the scuffle started when Bieber tried to leave a shopping mall and the man blocked his car from exiting. Bieber got out of vehicle, asked the man to leave, he refused, and some sort of altercation ensued.

Finally, Elvis Presley fans can get a chance at a historic – albeit creepy – part of Elvis history. Presley’s original crypt is being sold by Julien’s Auctions. The tomb is located inside a mausoleum at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee. Presley was laid to rest there there alongside his mother, after he died in 1977. Two months later, he was re-buried at his Graceland home. The original crypt has remained empty ever since. Bob Mezan, Reuters.

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