Jessica Sanchez failed to impress the American Idol Judges

American Idol front-runner Jessica Sanchez gave her own rendition of “Turn the Beat Around” that surprisingly did not receive favourable comments from the judges.  Regardless of the responses from the judges, in my opinion she did an amazing job with the song.  She went out of her comfort zone to prove to the judges that she does not only sing ballad songs but upbeat songs as well.

It was interesting to note that during rehearsals, of the Black Eyed Peas was impressed with her.  He even said that she was daring as she sets herself up and pulls the power of her voice taking the song to even higher level without a sweat.  He even called her “swaggernaut”, with her performance being out of this world.

Jessica Sanchez is not playing it safe like some of the other contestants.  She knows that with her talent she can prove to the whole world the diversity of songs that she can perform with.

This performance may be a setback for Jessica Sanchez but what can I say, you cannot impress everyone.  Well, hey! She still impresses me every time she sings and I’m pretty sure millions of viewers around the world were impressed as well.  Let’s continue to give her our support.

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author: Khris Cruz

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