Adele: I’m bored of resting

Adele has been “bored stiff” while resting her voice for health reasons.

The 23-year-old British soul singer has become a global star and is famed for her distinctive and powerful voice, which had been put at risk.

The songstress, who fell ill with laryngitis earlier this year, had to cancel shows in the US this month because it was feared she could cause permanent damage by performing.

Writing on her blog, the star has admitted she would much rather have been on stage, as staying at home doing nothing is proving rather dull.

“I had to give my voice two weeks rest or risk permanent damage. I’m at home now, watching box sets and sorting things out into neat piles and resting… I’m bored stiff,” lamented the star.

Adele also took the opportunity to lay some rumours to rest. The star was quick to confirm she is not having singing lessons, and also enthused about giving up smoking.

“i havent been told to not sing or talk for a month, i have given up smoking again! and also im not having singing lessons (sic),” she added.

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