Thia Megia Survived Another ‘Idol’ Round

On American Idol elimination night, the show put up to much drama that turns out to be the shocking moment for our favorite Idol contestants.

Our very own Thia Megia was endangered when she falls into the bottom three together with Casey Abrams and Stefano Langone.

With over 30 million voters, the result was shocking; Thia Megia was first call off to safety, Casey Abrams was announced to be eliminated making Stefano moved to the next round.

During the Motown performances, Thia Megia performs “Heatwave.” Taking chances, she manages to impress the judges including Randy who has been so rough to her for two consecutive weeks. Steven Tyler loved her performance; Jennifer Lopez says “Now I know you got it in you.” Randy thought she performed top notch and encourage her to do more risky songs.

On the other hand, eliminated Casey Abrams was saved by the judges after America voted him off the competition. The judges used the one chance to save a contestant for the entire season. Idol contestants will be having their summer tour including Thia Megia, Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone and the rest of the hopefuls.

Watch the video to see the drama.

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