‘Thia Megia’ Early favorite on American Idol

Breaking the age limit down to 15 years of age, American Idol Season 10 was surely on the right track!

Thia Megia is a proof of age doesn’t matter when it comes to talent. Breaching the gap, Megia is the youngest who made it on American Idol Top 13 finalists.

Her talent is undeniably exceptional. Thia Megia, turned 16, from Mountain House California is one of the early favorite in the show. She has been buzzing online and set a record of most searched American Idol contestant in Yahoo! and become trending on Twitter after the declaration of Top 13 finalists.

Now, the press are eyeing on her, she was quoted as the one to beat and will cause alarm to other hopefuls.  She earns high reviews from the judges (A teachers Pet). She has been compared by Randy Jackson to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Steven Tyler was astounded with her “perfect pitch,” and J-Lo is always amazed with her magical voice.

Now that the show will enter on the toughest level of the competition, will she able to maintain her current standing? At her young age, is she ready to handle the heavy pressure upon her? Are you expecting more from her? Will she be the next American Idol? Share your thoughts about Thia Megia on the comment section and cast a vote on our American Idol in-house survey!

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