Charice slates for 7 episodes on Glee

With too much secrecy, Charice herself spills a major revelation about her recurring character on Glee.

The Glee star who plays Sunshine Corazon announced that she was set for at least 5 to 7 episodes on Glee.

Before I forget, I’m going to be back on ‘Glee.’ I’ll have 5 to 7 more episodes,” she said during her concert “1@11″ in Manila.

While Glee is on its halfway for the 2nd season, Charice fans can look forward for the return of Sunshine Corazon with killer vocal pipes for most of the upcoming episodes.

Charice is expected to make her Glee comeback on Super Bowl episode, February 6. She is said to be performing with her fellow Vocal Adrenaline member doing a Black Eyed Peas song.

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Excited? Still looking forward for the killer competition between Sunshine and Rachel? Take a spin on this video and leave comments below.[jwplayer config="Player" mediaid="3613"]

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