Justin Bieber: Ooozzing Hot Hairdo!

Yay! No doubt why girls are screaming to this boy! JB is Oozzingly Hot Cutie on his new hair style!

On Barnes & Noble in NYC where he promotes his memoir “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever”, Justin looks different in his new hair!

Aside from distinctive musical talent, JB’s hair has its own celebrity trademark. His hair is even more popular than some of his song! [Agree?]

Manager Scooter Braun says..

He didn’t actually get his hair cut. …he brushes his hair in the opposite direction and the whole world thinks he has a hair cut. no haircut. just needs to shake his head. feel like @justinbieber ‘s hair brushed in opposite directions is like Clark Kent w/ glasses. Simple but the whole world cant figure it out.

[media id=80 width=615 height=370]

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